updated: 01.25.15

We have a familyblog and of course we have a dogblogg!
Sorry, only in swedish but try google translations.


Happy New Year!

News 2010, see here!



StrandWiks Laleh eyes checked clear, PL-tested 0/0 and heartstatus checked clear!
Thanks to owner
Maria, to healthtest "Svea" to help us in our work with have healthy havaneser!

Denzel, bye bye christmas!


Today Alice, Anette & Nisse visited us!

Monica & Alice     Michael & Holly

Now we are back from our holiday in Thailand!



November 27; 
StrandWiks Lily & StrandWiks Zappa is eyechecked clear! 
StrandWiks Lily is PL-tested 0/0!

We are planning puppies with Zappa & Lily in the beginning of next year..

New photo's of StrandWiks Lily!



November 21; "Poppis" (StrandWiks Pixel) visited us, it was fun!


SCh NCh StrandWiks Real Sugar is eyechecked clear;
2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009.
Many thanks to "IDA's" owner Anders!



"Milla" (StrandWiks Red Rose) has been on inofficial show November 21; 
Congratulations to owner Fanny & Johan!


November 19 Congratulations to our V-litter, 7 years today!

Nessa, Tommy, Vega, Mollie, Ville, Chanti & Snobben



BOB-puppy November 15; StrandWiks Red Dragon, see more here!

New photo of Denzel!

Read more about our puppyplans for 2010, here!



New visitor, Kastro!

New photo's of Denzel!


World Dog Show Bratislava;

Petra had success in the showring with her own dogs:

See Petras dogs here;

BIS Puppy 2009:
Very promising 1, won Best Puppy World's Fair; Cheaster havana Angel NAVAJO 

Openclass best male-2 Excellent res-CAC; Jack Bohemia Sen.
Championclass Excellent ; Ketty Tosi Vera

Congratulations PETRA to BIS-puppy!

Very good: Czech junior champion and Junior club champion; StrandWiks Neo
Owner: Petra  Angel Navajo

StrandWiks Zappa's offspring got an Excellent in Championclass.

See all the results here;

Strandwiks Nigella PL-tested  0/0  OK.


New photo's of Holly.

Zappa visited us october 14.
Alice visited us october 11



BOB-puppy; StrandWiks Red Dragon, see more here!


SCh NCh StrandWiks Real Sugar became BOB-veteran, Best female-4 and finally became BIS-veteran 4!
The day after this Ida get best female 5/Reserv and became best veteran-2! 
Congratulations to Anders with Ida!

Owner and handler; Anders Hulth


Milla, StrandWiks Red Rose became BOB, BIG-2 puppyclass in a puppyshow.

- New photo of Mushu-
- New photo'
s of Denzel -


New photos of StrandWiks R-litter: Truls, Blondie, Mojje and Rufus.

New photo's of StrandWiks Norton.



StrandWiks Nigella & StrandWiks Neo is healthtested clear!

New photo's of our big baby!

We have a familyblog, and of course a doggyblogg:D
Only in swedish, but a lot of photo's. Try Googles translationtool.

July 5'th on a Clubshow StrandWiks Neo became BOS. Neo lives with Katja at Angel Navajo. Congratulations!




New photo's of Alfons!

New photo of Denzel.
New page with Banzei & Mushu!

Here is StrandWiks Ramblin' Rose, her new name is Blondie, she has moved to Trasselsuddens!  
Good Luck!


Our precious Ruth has left us, she is now a star in heaven!  

New photo of Svante with grandchildren. (StrandWiks Hazel Eye Heroe).

Blondie and Denzel

New photo of StrandWiks Pixel (Poppis)

 StrandWiks Lily (Puppis)




Truls & Rufus has moved, New photo's of the puppies.
Mushu & Milli has moved, New photo's of the puppies.


JUNE 29 New photo's of the puppies (R-litter), they are almost 8 weeks.


New photo's of the puppies at our blogg. They are 3½ weeks old now.

Happy birthday to Neo, Nemo, Iiris & Norton, 1 year May 28!

25; New photo's of the R-litter at our blog!

The R-litter is the last litter for us 2009. Now we will enjoy our puppies and Denzel of course!


  Our precious Stella has left us, she is now a star in heaven!  


Congratulations to Sanna at Sanillans in Finland; Best female -2 and Res CAC=  StrandWiks Nigella!


New photo's of the R-litter at our blog!


Queenie has moved, good luck with Mille!
Quinn has moved.

All puppies in the P-litter has moved to their new homes, good luck!
We are keeping StrandWiks Pixar, Alfons!

Eyes checked clear today: Diddi & Rottis! 


May 7, the puppies of Xaralisa & Hombre was born, 6 puppies!

If you are interested in a puppy from us, mail or call us.


Our sweet boy Denzel is home!

May 3, New photo's of the puppies, P- & Q-litter!


Shownews from Czech Republic! 

April 26, International show. Excellent 1, CAJC CZ.
StrandWiks Neo
lives at Angel Navajo
Congratulations Petra!

Congratulations Lene @ Dolce Havana. The puppies of Melvin is born!! 


Congratulations Kerstin with Arawak, Swedish Champion! 

Congratulations to Arawaks breeder Maria Wedin at Protyns!

Arawak's parents is from StrandWiks:


Michael & Monica, happy breeders! Hungry puppies:-)
Photo's was taken by Inga-Lena!


We are waiting puppies with Xaralisa & Hombre!


26: Qenzo & Tito 8 years today

22: New photo's of the P-litter

20: New photo's of the puppies, P- & Q-litter!


Shownews from Czech Republic!

March -09. Participated in the Club exhibition of Bichons Havanais. 
Neo win first in young class. Then he was awarded excellent 1, CAJC CZ.

StrandWiks Neo
lives at Angel Navajo

Congratulations Petra!


Diddi's & Holly's puppies are born, see photo's!

Lene at Dolce Havana from Norway visited us! 

Holly have a "bad hairday".. See more funny photo's here.

We are waiting 2 litters in March, see more here! 
For more information mail us.

March 3, Congratulations to: StrandWiks Freesia & StrandWiks Fröken Fräken, 13 years today!


Heart checked clear February 26: StrandWiks I Like It Like That

Heart checked clear February: KB's Hollywood

This is Xaralisa looking for her favourit toy! 

6 years today!
Happy birthday to the dogs in StrandWiks X-litter; "XLISA",


And Xaralisas puppies became 3 years old;
StrandWiks I-litter; Missy, Melvin, Banzei, Pigall & Nelson 

Snowphoto's here!
We have a lot of snow in Sweden and it was very cold; 63 grader Fahrenheit (-17 degrees).



This is son and mother, Kastro & Xaralisa
StrandWiks Mumin aka "KASTRO" visited us; see here!

New photo's at SrandWiks In The Name Of Love  aka  Banzei

Our very good friends Katja & Micke, and lovely puppybuyer/owner at StrandWiks In The Name Of Love  aka  Banzei 

Melvin outside.



Eyes checked clear + heart checked clear; StrandWiks Xara 

Eyes checked clear; StrandWiks Johanna, owner Lene at Dolce Havana in Norway!


 International show in Finland, Åbo January 25; BOB-puppy: StrandWiks Nigella

Bästa tikvalp-2; Massivus Angel`s Nathy. BIR-valp: StrandWiks Nigella
Congratulations Sanna & Pirjo-Riitta!