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StrandWiks in March 14, 2010;

1 month later......
StrandWiks in April 14, 2010;


Eyes checked clear, PL-tested 0/0 and heartstatus checked clear: StrandWiks Laleh;
Thanks to owner Maria, to healthtest "Svea" to help us in our work of healthy havaneser!

Banzei & Mushu
New photo's of Mushu


StrandWiks Keno: Eyes- and heart checked clear. PL-tested 0/0.
 KB's Hollywood: Eyes- and heart checked clear.

Mucho Bravo Brown Sugar Bellamy: Eyes- and heart checked clear. PL-tested 0/0.
StrandWiks Xara: Eyes- and heart checked clear.
StrandWiks Norton: Eyes- and heart checked clear. PL-tested 0/0.

New photo's of Holly, Rocky, XLisa, Puppis, Rottis & Denzel, Blondie, Milla

Sweet Qenzo with his favourite girls;-) Emilia,our grandchild.

And with Johanna, our daughter.

New photo's of StrandWiks Red Dragon.
New photo's of Banzei & Mushu.
See new funny photo's!
We've got a photo of Hombre, the father to our R-litter. Thanks  Monica/Tequilaville's

Denzel loves the snow:-D, he got a warm shower when he came in.


New photo's of Denzel

 Congratulations to our I-litter at their 4:th birthday!
Congratulations to Denzel, Mucho Bravo Brown Sugar Bellamy at his 1'st Birthday!
Congratulations to StrandWiks X-litter 7 years old!

New photo's of Denzel & Norton.

Norton loves snow:)

Updated with some fun photo's!

SCh StrandWiks Jesse James "Dennis" has visited us!

Healthtested dog:
StrandWiks Gwyneth: Eyes- and heart checked clear.
We are planning puppies!

We have a lot of snow:) 
see snowphoto's here

New photo's of Diddi!

New photo's of Denzel and Xaralisa!

April 14, New photo's of Denzel

Denzel and Mushu went to an official show, April 17, first time/ the premier for us. See more here!



New photo of Denzel & Xaralisa!

Photo's from us in April!

May 3'd, new photo's of the puppies!


May 7, Congratulations to our R-litter, 1 year today!
Blondie, Mojje, Truls, Mushu, Milla, Rufus


Show May 9, 2010
Judge: Birthe Scheel, Denmark.

Denzel got a blue ribbon (good).
Mushu got a red ribbon (very good) and 3'd best male in juniorclass.

Thanks to Katja & Micke!


New photo's of the S-litter/puppies, they are now 3 weeks!

New photo of Diddi! New photo of Xaralisa!

Denzel's second litter at StrandWiks, see more here!



New photo's of our T-litter!

StrandWiks Pixar aka "ALFONS" is eyetested with Y-seamscataract! 
He will not be in breeding!


You can see photo's of our puppies and dogs at our dogblogg:

New photo's of our T-litter!

New photo's of Saga!

Saga, Takida & Tiger July 15.

July 20: New photo's of the T-litter and Saga
July 21: New photo of Diddi and her puppies!
July: StrandWiks Saga & Siri has moved!
Tiger AKA "TIGER" has moved to southern Sweden, Skanör!
Takida "TRASSEL" has moved nearby us, Karlstad.
Good Luck!

It's so quiet and empty at home now, but it's good to find so nice families to our puppies:)


Ilana went home, now we hope it will be puppies!


Our daughter Jessica and her flatcoated retriever was on the FlatChampionship 2010.
 See the article here!



Best female-3, BOB-VETERAN OCH BIS-4-VETERAN (with 30 dogs) in July.


Here you can see Ida and Anders website!  Ida's real name is StrandWiks Real Sugar, see here!

Congratulations to Kerstin, BOB: NORDJV-07 NO CH SE CH Protyn´s Cacique Arawak
Congratulations to Maria at Protyns, breeder of Arawak. 
Arawaks parents are:
Sire: SE CH StrandWiks Qenzo

Ida did it again;

BOB CACIB CK & Best Veteran havanais: NO UCH SE UCH StrandWiks Real Sugar
International show, august 2010, judge Cindy Pettersson
Owner: Anders Hulth
Now IDA is 9 years old and she is still in marvellous shape, thanks to her owner Anders!
We are so proud!

See more of IDA here! 
Ida is StrandWiks Real Sugar, see here!
Photo from the show and showresults:


StrandWiks Red Dragon eyetested check free: August 27, 2010!



Puppyplans at Kebics in the beginning of November;

Kebic's Jasmine & Mucho Bravo Brown Sugar Bellamy

Denzels dad "Dorus" is now Dutch Champion, he is also eyetested ok, Congratulations Mirabell & René!

Our "Felix", Mr Victim of Love Sweet Honesty in memory!

StrandWiks Red Dragon: heartstatus and eyes checked clear and PL-tested 0/0.

Zappa has been here!

Mushu & Mia has visited us! Your can also see Mia here!

StrandWiks Laleh, Svea has been visited us;



Melvin got puppies in Norway, 3 girls!

The dogblog is updated!

New photo of StrandWiks Heartbreaker Harley

New link to Xuxa
3 wonderful puppies, sire is our "Melvin" and dam is "Ilana"

Congratulations Siren! Follow her blog here!

SCh StrandWiks Zappa is retired now!

Eyes checked clear; Holly & Puppis! 
Heart checked clear:

Denzel's son: StrandWiks Sisu "MILOU" has visited us:)

Rottis & Alice has visited us!

New photo's at Mia, StrandWiks Moni.

New photo at Milla, StrandWiks Rose Red. She also do freestyle and obedience.
Her right eye is half blue. See here!



Alexander is born, our second grandchild was born November 4'th! 
Congratulations Johanna & Peter!
You can see photo's here!

The dogblog is updated November 11'th.


New photo of StrandWiks Meija!

Now is Denzels och Jasmines puppies born at Kebic's:)
4 beautiful puppies!

We've got a greeting from "Chimay" & "Trassel"

We will not have any puppies in spring or in summer!
We gonna have a vacation instead:)


StrandWiks Laleh & SE UCH StrandWiks Zappa got 6 puppies;

If you are interested in a puppy contact owner Maria at; 070-354 51 02  or mail me (Monica, strandwiks at hotmail dot com)

StrandWiks Laleh & SE UCH StrandWiks Zappa, has got puppies;
born November 29, both parents healthtested ok, 
here you can see the puppies!


The dogblog is updated December 23.

StrandWiks Norton has moved home to us again.



Welcome "Verk" to StrandWiks!
Ryegates Working On A Dream

Owner Jessica Wikstrand


Happy New Year!

Best wishes from us at StrandWiks

We have a familyblog and of course we have a dogblog!

Sorry, only in swedish but many photo's of our family and dogs.