In memory;
SCh Mr Simply Red Sweet Honesty

December We wish you a Happy New Year!
All puppies are sold. We are planning puppies summer -08.
StrandWiks Lily.
20 Reva has moved!
16 New photo's of our L-litter!
The K-puppies are moving out!
16 Mimarcon Double O'seven eyes checked clear & heart checked ok!
KB's Hollywood eyes checked clear & heart status checked ok!
Los Perritos All Reved Up heart status checked ok. 
Eyecheck: Punctuates on both eyes.
5 New photo's of our K-litter & L-litter
4 SCh StrandWiks Zappa eyes checked clear & Heart checked ok!
17 The puppies are 4 weeks old, Zappa was here!
23 The puppies are 8 days now, see new photo's!
15 The puppies are born!
Puppies of Sire: SCh StrandWiks Zappa  &  Dam: StrandWiks Bethany
New photo of REVA!
2 Högbo Bruk, SDHK-show, Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson, 
CAC & Best female-4 & Best Youthclass: StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely
See photo's here!

12 StrandWiks Hung Up Haley aka HASTY; 
PL-tested 0/0 & Heart status checked clear.
New photo's of StrandWiks I Like It Like That aka MELVIN.
12 National Show Askersund, judge Karl-Erik Johansson
Best female-3; StrandWiks Xara
Best female-5; StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely
1; StrandWiks I Like It Like That
1; KB's Hollywood, Holly's first show in Sweden;-)
25 New photo's of Melvin. New fun photo's here!
24 New photo's of Holly
20 New photo's of Zappa & Diddi
15 SKK Show at Alfta, judge: ?
BOB: SCh StrandWiks Odette    (at 7½ years old)

Owner: Monica Embretsen, Tequilaville's

Congratulations to Monica & Chili



29 StrandWiks Bethany & StrandWiks Cinnamon eyes checked clear.
26 The puppies are moving out to their new homes!
17 Avesta National Show, Judge: Michael Quinney, UK

Ängebråten Sir-Lancelot

Best female-5,
StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely


12 Heart status checked clear; StrandWiks Gwyneth
26 More photo's of the puppies @ 6 weeks!
20 Our sweet girl has arrived;-) Welcome home Lisa!
New photo's of Missy.
More photo's of the puppies @ 5 weeks!!!
We are waiting to get home a beautiful havanese.....
9 New photo's of the puppies! New photo's of Reva
6 SKK National show at Larv
BOS: Ängebråten Sir-Lancelot.
Best female-2; SCh NCh StrandWiks Real Sugar
owner Anders Hulth & Tomas Nordkvist

best female in juniorclass; StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely

1; StrandWiks In The Name Of Love
owner Katja & Mathias Broxvall

Photo's from the show!

New photo's of Lance


4 New photo of Thelma.
2 More photo's of the puppies!!!
30 The puppies are 2 weeks and now it's photo's of the puppies!!!
24 New photo's of Vanessa
22 WKK:s National show @ Västerås 
Judge: Paunovic Dusan (Serbien/Montenegro)

Best female-4, StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely
owner Michael Wikstrand

Best male-4; StrandWiks In The Name Of Love, 
owner Katja & Mathias Broxvall


New photo of Adonis
20 SCh StrandWiks Qenzo eyes checked clear.
  StrandWiks Vanessa eyes checked clear, heart status checked clear.
  StrandWiks Gwyneth eyes checked clear.
17 StrandWiks Vicki eyes checked clear, owner Maria @ Protyns.
16 StrandWiks In The Name Of Love eyes checked clear & PL-tested 0/0,
owner Katja & Mathias.
30 StrandWiks Gordon eyes checked clear.
  StrandWiks I Like It Like That eyes checked clear.
  StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely eyes checked clear.
  StrandWiks Eye Catching Enya eyes checked clear.
  Lance is here!
27 Photo's of StrandWiks Filippa.
  New photo's of StrandWiks Even Sweeter Eve, sister to our "ROTTIS"
  New photo's of Rottis.
23 We've been visiting Maria & Jan at Protyn's
Here is CHANTI's & QENZO's little indians.... 3 boys
2 StrandWiks Adonis; Eyes checked clear, heart status OK.
  SCh StrandWiks Qenzo; Heart status OK.
  StrandWiks Isn't She Lovely; Heart status OK.
28 StrandWiks I Like It Like That; PL-tested 0-0, heart status OK.
  StrandWiks Gordon; PL-tested 0-0.
  Saharanda Kalanchoe Lucia; PL-tested 1-1, heart status OK.
9 StrandWiks Hung Up Haley; Eyes checked clear.
18 StrandWiks Victor eyes checked clear, owner Camilla Brånn.

Vexa, Lance & Vega

Welcome home;

Sir-Lancelot is home

Unfortunally our photo of SCh StrandWiks Zappa has been stolen and 
the photo of him is for sale on internet on t-shirts etc.... 

This is OUR photo of SCh StrandWiks Zappa;

Sorry, but now you won't see so many photo's on our website as before
and we gonna have a big ©-text on our photo's! 

Thanks to Steffi a havanesefriend, who found and recogniced Zappa on the photo!!!