SE UCH StrandWiks Johanna Josefine


Sire: Fregancias Ikaroz
Dam: SCh NCh StrandWiks Estrella

Born 1998


Eyes checked clear:

October 28, 1999
March 14, 2001
February 1, 2002
April 11, 2003
April 16, 2004
November 26, 2004

Heart checked clear November 26, 2004

PL-tested: 0-0

StrandWiks first black/white Champion!

Our little Grymling got her name because she was so dark in her head and face
so we couldn't see her eyes so she looked very "cruel". The swedish name for cruel is grym, that's why we call her Grymling!
Not so cute name for a cute girl! She was the sweetest pup we've seen, she is adorable

SKK Alfta July 11, 1999. Judge Per Svarstad. 
Superfeminin. nice head and expression. Beautiful eyes. Very good topline with good tail. Good body, legs and paws. Well angulated, good movements. Good coat.
SKK Sandviken september 5, 1999. Judge Annika Ulltveit Moe
1, Very good.
Feminin in head and expression. Very good chest. Very good topline and tail.
Well muscled thighs. Moves well at her age. Needs  a little bit more .... i body.

Hallstahammar 25 sept 1999 SSD, domare Kristina Purens.   
Best female-2 & CAC.
Very feminin young female with excellent proportions. Beautiful dark eyes, would like a little bit longer nose? Very good neck and topline. Good tail. Good bonestructure. Very lively movements.
Avesta 18 juni -00, SKK, domare Kristina Purens.
BOB & CAC & Champion today!
Very feminin lady. Dark beautiful eyes. Flat head. I wish a bit smaller (?). Good neck and topline. Good angulations. Good body. Moves with good step.